Health And Travel Istanbul

Welcome to HTIST

Health & Travel Istanbul was established with the objective of providing world class health services in order to increase your quality of life. Thanks to our professional and highly experienced team, we offer a very warm welcome to all our clients and make sure that they will be assisted with one-on-one high-end services.

Our main mission is to offer the appropriate treatment plans to all of our patients in a professional manner, in a safe and hygienic environment. We provide an excellent  atmosphere where all of our patients will feel special and happy. We also create a perfect work environment through an empathetic, sensitive and warm-hearted approach.

We are extremely diligent in regards to keep our patient`s medical and personal details confidential.  As we all know, professionalism and trust go hand-in-hand. All treatment is carried out by highly specialized doctors, experienced in their fields, using the most advanced technology and treatment.

We value the quality of our patient's lives. We believe that more and more people from around the world will be able to benefit from our tireless research and development.

Why Turkey?

You will take advantage of more competitive prices compared to the USA and Europe.

You will get rid of waiting lists for surgical operations.

You will benefit from easy visa applications.

You will get your healthcare service in a country full of cultural richness.

You will have the means to travel as a tourist in many areas such as sea, history sports.

You will not feel yourself alienated in catering and cultural habits.

You can have access to direct flight.

You will get service from JCİ accredited institutions which are in abundance in number.

You will be treated by the US Board certified physicians.

You will be welcomed with the warm of Turkish hospitality.