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Lacrimal Duct Blockage

How does lacrimal duct blockage arise?

Lacrimal sac and lacrimal ducts convey the tears to nasal cavity. Blockage of these ducts for various reasons causes the tear to flow out. Blockage can either be congenital or it can be due to trauma, inflammation or nose surgeries.

Indications of Blockage:

  • Excessive watering of eyes
  • Frequent gum formation
  • Swelling at nasal root

Tear Blockage in Babies:

Lacrimal duct blockage, being one of the frequently observed ailments in new born babies, usually ameliorates by itself without the requirement for interference. Massage is applied for the first year. The massage is applied downward from nasal root. The possibility of opening of the duct by itself through massage is about 95%. Eye drops including antibiotics are used as long as gum formation occurs. If the duct doesn’t open by itself by the end of the first year, then the lacrimal duct is opened through a simple operation called probing.

Lacrimal Duct Treatment in Adults:

Lacrimal duct is treated in a short while without any trace by the Multi Diode Laser being used at our center.

Advantages of Diode Laser:

  • Performance of operation in a very short while
  • Low amount of bleeding as if none
  • Minimization tissue damage
  • Quicker recovery compared to classic surgical operation
  • Not having trace of stitch from outside