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As the result of actions such as smiling, eating, drinking, the curves on the skin covering the mimic muscles become evident in time and dynamic lines arise. Botox, which can be qualified as an extremely effective medication, establishes the connection in between muscles and nerves, and enables temporary strain in the applied area.

Which areas are suitable for botox?

In face area, Botox is mostly applied to edges of eyes, in between the eyebrows, forehead and around the mouth. It can also be applied to neck in case of being required. By making the relevant application to mimic muscles in these areas, the movement of muscles is restricted and decrease in folding of skin can be ensured. Thus, it is possible to have a more clear and young skin.

Botox, which is applied on sweat glands in individuals having excessive sweating problem, interrupts the transmission in between nerve endings and glands and enables decreasing the excessive sweating and odor problems.

How is botox applied?

Botox is an implementation which should be applied under clinic conditions and by professional hands.

Injection is applied by very thin needles from a few points to target muscles. This operation doesn’t cause an excessive pain.

Period of Effect of Botox

Botox starts to have effect within one week following application. As its period of effect is being considered as 3-9 months, it is 6 months in average. The skin doesn’t gain a bad appearance after its period of effect. It only returns to its form prior to application. Positive results are obtained in case of its re-application, but following regular uses for 2 years, it is suggested to be applied by long intervals.

Conditions where it can not be applied Botox is not applied to women who are pregnant or in breast-feeding period and to ones who have coagulation problem. And it can only be applied under supervision of doctor to diabetics using insulin.

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