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As long as getting older, it is inevitable to have a decrease in some materials within the body. Especially the lack of support material in the skin shows itself in the form of wrinkles, depressions and sags. The reason of such deformations is the decrease in the amount of collogen -supporting the skin- and hyaluronic acid –preserving the moisture of skin-. And the lack of such materials can be compensated in a short while through the aesthetic filling method. The operation -based on injection of botox with very thin needles- can remove the wrinkles around the nose, sags around lips and dents around cheekbones. It can also be applied to other areas of the body.

How is aesthetic filling applied?

Following the determination of area where the filling will be applied, the properties amount of medication to be used is determined. Slight pain can be sensed even if painkiller applications such as anesthetic creams and cold compress are performed prior to filling operation -which is completed in between 10-30 minutes-. This pain is short termed and it can be returned to social life right after the operation.

By which frequency should it be applied?

Skin doesn’t return to its condition prior to application before 6-12 months. By the repetition of application by the end of this period, re-arising wrinkles, sags and dents can be removed. In addition, an increase in the quality of skin is observed as the moisture and water holding ability of skin is improved by the materials provided by the operation.

What should be considered?

The individuals showing allergic reaction to active ingredient of filling should abstain from application, and individuals having a systematic disease -which requires the use of continuous medication- should share it with their doctors prior to application.

For the first 3 days, it is not recommended to apply very hot or very cold compress to relevant area. Again in the first 3 days, it would be suitable to abstain from sun and pool. And it should be kept away from high pressure massage within the first 1 week.

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