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Breast Prosthesis

Breast augmentation with prosthesis surgery is now among the most frequently applied operations in plastic surgery. Operation of breast augmentation by using prosthesis is applied on patients under two main groups. - Patients who don’t have sufficient breast development or who have asymmetrical breast structure – Patients having loss and asymmetry in breast tissue after pregnancy/breast-feeding or after significant weight loss.

The ones in the first group are generally young patients who don’t have children. The breast sizes of the patients being in this group are small as compared to their body structure. This condition, which is mostly realized through clothing, pushes the patients to wear uplift bras. Again in this group of patient, the asymmetry of breast size and form is a frequent condition. In some patients, there can be a slight deformity in the breast wall in addition to the problem of breast size. The most frequently observed condition in this respect is the increase of the protrusion of chest towards the front and as a consequence the outwardly positioning of nipples on both sides.

The patients in the second group are elder, and they are frequently patient having children. Most of them specify that the size of their breast significantly increased in the pregnancy and breast-feeding periods. The patients, whose breast size are insufficient prior to pregnancy, become content by the breast size and form during pregnancy period. But after the ending of pregnancy/breast-feeding period, not only reduction but also looseness and sagging occurs. For the patients in this group, not only augmentation by prosthesis but also mastopexy is required.

Augmentation mammoplasty with breast prosthesis is a surgery which takes about 2 hours. This surgery is generally performed under anesthesia. The patient remain at the hospital on the date of surgery, and the next day their drains are removed and they are discharged from hospital. Especially in patients on whom the prosthesis are placed under muscle, it is expected to have pain during movement of arm for 4-5 days period. Prescription for antibiotics and painkillers is provided for patient within that period.

In augmentation mammoplasty surgery, the cutting points used for placing the prosthesis are tip area of breast, bottom line of breast and armpit area.

In the early period right after augmentation mammoplasty surgeries by prosthesis placed under muscle, it is expected for the arm movements to be painful for 4-5 days period. By the end of that period, the restriction of movements gradually decreases. In the early period, risks such as bleeding or infection are possible even if very low. The patient is generally examined on the 5th day, and the use of supporting bra is started. The requirement for and period of usage of bra is different as per the patient. It is suggested not to perform sportive activities for 1 month period. And shaping of the breast occurs nearly by the end of this period.

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